Andy Harader Tennis Camp

Gold Medal Contest

Tennis Camp Winners every Summer

Every week campers accumulate points in oral quizzes, camp games, specific attitudes, stroke contests, matches, sportsmanship, and presentations about information gathered from the internet and other news sources. This competition has proven to be a great motivator, a great way to learn, and a lot of fun.

2016 Gold Medal Winners

  • Juni Kim
  • Axel de Vernou
  • Stella Priest
  • Gautier De Mercey
  • Lucas Barrett
  • Charlotte Montheon
  • Shaine Stellenberg
  • Ben Stein (2)
  • Esther Chung
  • Elijah Steiner
  • Jerry Xia
  • Drew Honer
  • Rishi Palle
  • Katherine Stein
  • Charles Mitz (2)
  • Turner McFarland
  • Leo Terman
  • Lydia Mitz

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